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In this book, I condense these acquisition trends into areas which hit apiece played a field persona in transforming education. When combined, even in a modest way, they provide untold opportunities for our species. I hit matured an easy-to-remember acronym for the 10 trends, notably, WE-ALL-LEARN. While we always hit learned, whatever of these acquisition tools, resources, and associated acquisition methods were not doable just a few elf ago. The coming decades will undoubtedly present us with still more ways to learn the the world is open

As alluded to above, this aggregation pushes deeper into several education-related aspects of Thomas Friedman's highly popular book, The World is flat. It also ventures far beyond it. It attempts to fulfill this by focusing on trends that hit broadened access to learning, both formal as substantially as informal, throughout the concern today and on into the near future. Like Friedman is insightful and widely used list of 10 scheme flatteners, this aggregation highlights 10 trends that hit transformed opportunities in education. However, as pointed out, they are not necessarily flatteners at all, but openers. And instead of emphasizing the newborn scheme players, activity fields, and processes, as Friedman eloquently did, this triple convergence brings us a newborn set of Ps: namely, pages of liberated Web content and courses, pipes for accessing and searching such online content, and a participatory acquisition society that freely shares and collaborates on the aggregation and noses found there.

Today the Web is meliorating famous as the Web of Learning. How this Web of Learning is viewed from different regions of the concern or educational sectors will become manifest from reading this book.

I hit presented hundreds of talks during the past few years. I hit seen the WE-ALL-LEARN trends repeated over and over in different cities, countries, and cultures. I felt it was instance to limit such travel for an assemblage or digit and document what I hit seen, read, and heard most in a few books. This aggregation provides a big picture lens on what I hit observed. Others will offer specifics on what instructors and learners world is open do most them. Consider this a companion e-book. This companion aggregation and associated website exists for several reasons. First of all, there is more happening than what I could document in the fleshly version of this book. Much of the additional content world is open is found here. Second, links to all the websites as substantially as the investigate references mentioned in the aggregation world is open be found here. Third, I hope to create a community for distribution stories and examples of how grouping wager and teach in unusual or nontraditional places with technology. Such locations strength includes trains, boats, planes, mountaintops, outdoor classrooms, cafes, and space shuttles. Fourth, this version of the aggregation takes the message of an unstoppered educational concern to heart. There is billions of grouping who cannot afford this aggregation but who world is open wagers most the massive educational changes. This companion material illustrates the liberated and unstoppered acquisition world. I envision a day not too long, from today when others follow suit.

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Chapter 1:

WE ALL LEARN Been There, Done That Do you hit a favorite place to meet or spend your holidays? I know of a place that is visited by hundreds of jillions of grouping apiece day. Given that you selected this book, at small the online digit and at small for a moment, you hit probable already been there, been amazed by the views, and personalized services available. Perhaps you were the captain of the ship that brought everyone additional there. Once cropped there, you haw hit used your talents as a musician to add your own unequalled style and creativity to a band that had gathered. Alternatively, perhaps you offered whatever safety management, security, or environmental services to protect the pristine forests and valued minerals that lay in grappling of most passing by. No concern your persona or purpose for this particular visit, it is a place you probable long to return to. Each instance you come backwards you find yourself so engaged and enthralled with your newborn discoveries and hidden treasures that you lose track of instance and personal commitments. The hours roll by in this world that is open.

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