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Tentative Schedule (may change depending upon circumstances)

Week Discussion Moderator Second Discussion Moderator
Week 1. (January 9) Introduction to the Open World: Visionaries and Visions
Week 2. (January 16) Alternate Reality Learning: AR, VR, Gaming, and Simulations (Explore Week #1)
Week 3. (January 23) The Sudden Explosion of E-Books and E-Book Readers
Week 4. (January 30) The Expansion of Blended and Fully Online Learning
Week 5. (February 6) Extreme, Nontraditional, and Adventure Learning
Week 6. (February 13) Open Educational Resources (OER) and OpenCourseWare (OCW)
Week 7. (February 20) Open Education and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Week 8 (February 27) More MOOCs and Open Education Around the World
Week 9. (March 6) Motivation in Informal and Self-Directed Online Learning Environments (including online language learning) (Explore Week #2)
Week 10. (March 20) Connectivism, Social Media, and Participatory Learning
Week 11. (March 27) Wikis, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Collaborative Writing (Explore Week #3)
Week 12. (April 3) Shared Online Video and Audio (Explore Week #4)
Week 13. (April 10) Flipping the Classroom
Week 14. (April 17) Interactive, Global, and Collaborative Learning (including learning spaces, etc.)
Week 15. (April 24) Mobile, Wireless, and Ubiquitous Learning
Week 16+. (Future) Networks of Personalized Learning and AI Agents
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