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Empowering Online Learning is an essential resource for anyone designing or facilitating online learning. It introduces an easy, practical model (R2D2: read, reflect, display, and do) that will illustrate to online educators how to deliver content in ways that benefit all types of learners (visual, auditory, observational, and kinesthetic) from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill levels. The book has 25 unique activities for each phase of the R2D2 model as well as summary tables helping you pick and choose what to use whenever you need it. Each activity lists a description, skills addressed, advice, variations, cost, risk, and time index, and much more! Finally, this book is loaded with current information about emerging technologies (e.g., simulations, podcasts, wikis, blogs) and the Web 2.0. Anyone wanting an update on technology integration in education will want this book. A useful model, more than 100 online activities, the latest information on emerging technologies, hundreds of quickly accessible Web resources, and relevance to all types and ages of learners - Empowering Online Learning is a book whose time has come. Pedagogy is forever linked to technology.

Sample Endorsements:

"Instructors who read this book and incorporate the R2D2 approach to learning, along with the exciting activities that accompany each phase, will create robust learning experiences and demonstrate the potential that online learning holds and that learning online can be fun."

Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt
Program Directors and Faculty
Teaching in the Virtual Classroom Program
Fielding Graduate University

"I just do not believe that endemic in the nature of teachers of the 21st Century is a large scale resistance to the use of technology. Instead they need a bright light to illuminate the pathways to the future. Some teachers will then take pigeon steps and others run a marathon. For me, Empowering Online Learning is exactly what they need to brighten their demanding journeys. Some ideas provide well trodden, signposted footpaths. Others are a more fast-lane. All are clear and valuable. Have a great trip."

Gilly Salmon
Professor of E-learning & Learning Technologies
Beyond Distance Research Alliance
University of Leicester

"I have a library full of books on e-learning and most of them are vague, theoretical, and lengthy. I like Curt and Ke's book because it gives me freedom and flexibility. I can open to any page and discover something that is immediately applicable to the e-learning that I am designing."
Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan
President, Thiagi Group

"This book will give you the inside track for delivering on the promise of engaging elearning experiences in your enterprise."

Ellen D. Wagner
Senior Director
Worldwide eLearning
Adobe Systems, Inc.

Sample Testimonials:

"Thank you so much for the book. I was just thinking to order it from Amazon. You are my life saver. :) My college just talks about how to support online learning and blended learning better using different types of technologies, such as wiki, blog, secondlife, podcasters, video streaming. We also try to figure out the ways to make mobile education available to some countries at Europe."

Hui-Hsien Tsai, Ph.D.
Center for Learning and Technology
SUNY-Empire State College

Book Reviews:

"I believe the R2D2 model is a great tool to help teachers address all learners while using technology integration in the classroom. If followed correctly, the model can help teachers stay focused on the various parts of learning that need to be addressed to reach all learning types. The model forces the teacher to choose diverse learning activities from various areas of the model and then sequence them in such ways to meet the needs of learners. I believe the model could be easily applied using technology integration because there is a wealth of resources available in such a classroom. Many times teachers are unsure of the best way to use these resources, but the R2D2 simplifies this for the user."

Melissa Leonard
Teacher, Business Education
Fayette County High School, Fayetteville, GA.

"I have recently purchased and read your book "Empowering Online Learning" and found indeed 100 + excellent ideas for teaching and learning not only for the online classrooms but also for our regular FTF classes. Your R2D2 model is wonderful and would be so appropriate for one of my hybrid courses in Teacher Ed."

Liliana Toader
Assistant Professor, Siena Heights University.

"With a solid theoretical foundation and concrete guidance and examples, this book can be used as a handy reference, a professional guidebook, or a course text. This book is intended to help online instructors and instructional designers, as well as those contemplating such positions, to design, develop, and deliver learner-centered online instruction. With a useful model, more than 100 online activities, the latest information on emerging technologies, hundreds of quickly accessible Web resources, and relevance to all types and ages of learners - Empowering Online Learning is a book whose time has come."

Helge Scherlund
eLearning Computer-Mediated Communication Center.

"This book will help if instructors have a few weeks to clearly clarify and think about the tools they have at their disposal, and which devices they can integrate into their course materials. There is a fabulous 20 page section on web resources that will provide plenty of material for instructors to think about and use. This is, and probably will remain a great resource for people asked to teach web based or totally on line classes over the next few years. It is in paperback and space is provided for individuals to take copious notes and make reflections. The educational psychology of teaching on the web is apparent here and the authors should be commended for this work. I just wish I had this book about ten years ago, but better late than never!"

Michael F. Shaughnessy
Innovate-Ideagora (Ning blog)

"The book is highly recommended to those who want to improve their online teaching by using a variety of activities. This can be an appropriate textbook for a course on online teaching, and I am sure the R2D2 framework and activities described in the book will improve the quality of online teaching by making it engaging and effective for the learners."

Sanjaya Mishra, PhD
India Journal of Open Learning, 18(1), 2009, pp. 50-51

"The book provides a creative, useful and varied set of exercises and approaches to enhancing technology-based instruction. But what really makes this text useful is the foundational design of the text and its goal of addressing diverse learning needs, backgrounds, expectations, preferences and styles."

Linda Kuk
The Review of Higher Education, 32(4), Summer 2009, pp. 546-547

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