Rethinking the Large Lecture

Strategies for Engaging Students


A Summer Institute sponsored by


University College

Center for Teaching and Learning

Office of Academic Affairs


12-16 May, 2008: 10:30 am 4:30 PM

College of Health and Human Services



Tuesday May 13, 2008


10:30am           Keynote Address ; Curt Bonk, Active Learning with Technology: Myths, Magic, and Mucho Motivation


1:15pm     Workshop 1: Podcasts, Wikis, and Blogs  

Dr. Bonk will demonstrate how emerging technologies integrate with  learning theory and pedagogy to provide active learning environments for large classes. 


2:15pm Break 


2:30pm     Workshop 2:    100+ Hyper-engaging lecture ideas for any class size 

Dr. Bonk will provide more than 100 ways to liven up your lectures and get your students involved and engaged in learning. Some of the strategies will be very teacher-centered, while others will give students more ownership and control of the curriculum. These strategies will relate to creativity, critical thinking, cooperative and collaborative learning, and motivation.  In addition, Dr. Bonk will label each one in terms of the degree of risk, times, and cost and he will offer his advice for getting started with these tools and techniques.


3:30pm     Small group work with Dr. Curt Bonk and Institute facilitators